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Meet our members: Catherine Piner

Meet Catherine Piner - dip NT, mNTOI

"I help women in all things menopause. Menopause doesn’t just begin when you experience your first hot flush or night sweat or you experience mad mood swings. It often starts much earlier than that. I want to help you be prepared, know what’s coming round the corner (and let’s face it’s going to happen!) and get your body and mind ready, so that your menopause journey is as easy as it can be.

I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist after already experiencing some of the symptoms: hot flushes, insomnia but I am so grateful to have discovered how much nutrition and lifestyle matters and although I can’t say I became symptom free I was certainly able to manage my symptoms better.

Because a major symptom of menopause is weight gain I also run online group and 1-2-1 programs: healthy eating for a sustainable weight loss “Eat Well, Feel Well, Look Well”. These are open to men too!

Online consultations throughout France and the UK. I am based in Charente Maritime and once we are able I will be happy to hold consultations in clinic.

You can book a free call to discover how I can help you though my website:"

Also on Facebook:

and Instagram: @catherinepiner.nutrition

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